AnimaList No 122

“There are only two things you should know about milk: 1st – it always includes cruelty towards animals; 2nd – it is unnecessary in human diet.” – nutritionist Ginny Messina

Banning of the Fireworks and Explosives

Puppy on ottoman
We submitted more than 15,500 signatures for a ban on pyrotechnics under class II and III to the Ministry of the Interior, presented arguments pro banning of pyrotechnics at a round table and submitted our official statement in which we reacted concerning the lowering age limit for gun possession. We thank to all who signed the petition and submitted their opinion to the Ministry. We believe in an amendment of the Act which will result in a New Year’s Eve 2016 without explosives.

Nutrition Consulting for a Plant-based Diet

We launched the first free nutrition consulting for a plant-based diet. Every first Saturday in the month you can receive advices on how to improve your diet from master nutritionist Ivana Simic via the online application for individual consulting (held via phone, e-mail or in person). Although the consulting was primarily designed as a help for vegans, it is also open to all vegetarians and non-vegetarians who would like to improve their health.

Humanitarian Photo Session in AFC Quarters

Fotkanje sa psima2
On February 15, we supported the humanitarian photo session held by the animal shelter ‘Prijatelji’ from Cakovec by providing our office for the event in which visitors were able to take a photo of them with their animal companions in an exchange for a donation. All participants enjoyed the good company and vegan sweets.


Public Action With Dogs for All Furry Animals

On February 21 we organized a public action at Zagreb central square which purpose was to educate the public about the problem of exploiting and killing of animals for fur. Even dogs symbolically wrapped in “bloody” bandages participated in the action which warned that a large number of furry fashion accessories are still made from the fur of dogs, cats and other animals. Even the president of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic supported the action with her presence.


News Flash

  • We submitted a request for participation in amendment of the ordinance of the Decision About Conditions and Means of Keeping Companion Animals and Ways of Treating Abandoned and lost Animals in City of Zagreb.
  • We submitted a written commentary to the Ministry of Economy and other institutions in which we protest against plans of oil exploitation in the Adriatic. We also urged the public to express their opinion and to send a message about inadmissibility of projects threatening the environment and animal-life, such as this one.
  • On Valentine’s Day, a conveniently decorated info stall on Zagreb central square raised significant interest of passers-by for our current petitions and promotional items.
  • We gave a statement concerning public feeding places for cats, explaining how necessary and useful they really are – for the welfare of animals and the people as well.
  • We got involved in the Erasmus+ EU program via the Agency for Mobility. The goal is to work on a specialization of employees. During the 2 year period 11 employees will participate in trainings which will help to achieve a greater efficiency of our projects.
  • Our site for children and adults was enriched with many useful and interesting information, and we would be glad if you checked them out 🙂
  • While waiting for an announced transfer, the condition of many animals in Split Zoo became critical. We urge all to write to City’s authorities and demand the actual shutting down of the zoo and a permanent homing of animals.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Sumski kuhar added to the list of restaurants,
    b) Animal Friends Croatia – Areas of Action,
    c) Results of public polls on banning fur in Europe,
    d) An article about vegan diet with less amount of grain.
  • Thanks to your donations and to help received from foreign vegan and animal rights associations, we were able to reprint the comic book A Chicken’s Life and a poster with the nutrition pyramid, which can be obtained free of charge via mail and our web catalogue. Spread the word about animal rights and sustainable living.
  • We invite you all to become our proud members. All members as a sign of gratitude receive numerous benefits. Your memberships and donations make our fight against the abuse and killing of animals possible, while you receive numerous discounts in Croatia! DVS Elektro Team joined the list of companies that give discounts.

Along with our thanks for your membership and other ways of the much needed support, we remain with best wishes for you in your personal lives as well as in our joint effort to make this world a fairer place for everyone, human and non-human.

Your Animal Friends Croatia