AnimaList No 120

Martin Luther King taught us all nonviolence. I was told to extend nonviolence to the mother and her calf. – Dick Gregory

Morrissey in Zagreb

For the second time we supported Morrissey visiting Zagreb on the occasion of releasing his new album “World Peace Is None Of Your Business.” We announced the concert of the long-time animal rights advocate with a media release and have been on the concert itself with our info stall and leaflets. At the concert, Morrissey made his fans cry with the footage of the killing and torture of animals in the meat industry.


Vegan Holiday Cooking Workshop

Radionica kuhanja
As part of the veggie cooking workshops we held a workshop for holiday meals. Workshop chef Nikolina Plenar prepared for participants hummus, vegan cabbage rolls and a poppy cake topped with “snow.” You can find other holiday recipes here.




New Year’s Resolution

We suggested our followers to take a New Year’s resolution which unites the desire for good health and looks, as well as the need to help others and become a better person. Getting into the New Year as a vegetarian or, even better, vegan is the most effective for our health and good looks as well as for other people, the environment and animals. Please read some of the reasons for this resolution here.


News Flash

  • We reported the “Live Christmas Crib” at Kaptol in Zagreb to the Veterinary inspections, because of exploiting and improper keeping of a donkey, a goat, a sheep and several bunnies. The animals, which are not there to be exploited for entertainment or life exhibition, look completely apathetic, and are exposed to constant crowd, the noise of people and firecrackers, touches from the strangers that pull their hair; and winter cold.
  • We wrote to Judge Rahela Valentic regarding her explanation of the verdict to Brankica Crosetta who killed 46 dogs over 7 hours by injecting them with the deadly solution T61. The judge in her not final ruling convicted her to seven months on probation instead of a prison sentence.
  • On the occasion of Circus Safari coming to Westgate Shopping City in Zapresic, we invited everyone to boycott the circus and to write to Westgate, asking them not to support circuses with animals. We encouraged adults and children to only visit circuses that do not include animals.
  • We sent letters to the presidential candidates to draw their attention to animal protection issues and the importance on promoting sustainable living and veganism, stating the areas where improvement, legislative changes or specific protection are needed.
  • Our member Anita Euschen held the tenth and last cooking workshop for children for this year. So far in the ten workshops participated 66 students from four Zagreb elementary schools: Elementary school King Tomislav, Gustav Krklec, Davorin Trstenjak and Precko. Great photos and recipes of prepared can be found at
  • In the TV show “What Bugs You?” we talked about why it is necessary to ban the possibility of killing dogs after 60 days spent in shelters, while in the radio show “Round Table” we spoke about animal rights and veganism. We were interviewed about this and similar topics by other media as well, while for the internet portal we talked about how it is the right time to make a decision about switching to a vegan diet after holiday overeating.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) New photos of Sasha and Vanja
    b) Photos from the cooking workshops on Dec 6
    c) Photos from the cooking workshops on Dec 20
  • Please keep only buying cosmetic and household products from our White List. You can find the list of companies that do not test on animals by clicking here.
  • If you haven’t done yet, please share our online petition to ban firecrackers in Croatia and help us collect as many signatures as possible.
  • If you are coming to Zagreb next year, feel free to visit us on our info stalls. You can find our Activity Calendar for January here.

Wishing all the best for the New Year to all of you who follow our work and support us by being our member, through your kind donations or volunteering, we say our big big thank you!

All the best,

Your Animal Friends Croatia