AnimaList No 119

Reporting the City of Karlovac

We reported the mayor of Karlovac and his deputies as responsible in the City of Karlovac for violating the Animal Protection Act, particuarly the part which requires the local or regional government to organize an information center for abandoned and lost animals. The City of Karlovac supports the non-transparent actions of company CRPK d.o.o. whom they have entrusted with the holding and care of dogs. For hundreds of thousands of kuna each year, the company kills more than 200 healthy dogs.

Abused Horses on Velebit

We reported the abuse of horses used for dragging logs on Velebit (by Gracac) to the Ministry of Agriculture. Facebook profile posts featuring images of the abused horses started an avalanche of resentment and indignation. If you want to help end the practice of using horses as forced labor, you can sign a petition here.

Make Grub and Children Workshops

We started a project and a web site “Make Grub” for elementary school kids, youngsters, their teachers and parents. In a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, elementary school children in grades five to eight actively participate in the workshop and fix the meals by themselves within smaller groups. At, students who participated in the workshops and those who want to do so can find announcements and news, recipes of cooked meals, and photos from the workshops. They can also expand their knowledge about healthy food and cooking vegan meals.

News Flash

  • We welcomed an important move made by the European Commission that would remove the specific requirement of using live rabbits for skin and eye irritation tests from the EU chemical legislation, REACH. Everyone can directly help animals by buying products from companies featured on the White List.
  • We again wrote to the City of Split and the city councillors, appealing for Split not to build a new zoo at another location but instead to use the existing space in Marjan for an animal shelter.
  • We took part in the Day Against Violence to Animals at the Dubrava Cultural Center in Zagreb by being a guest on a talk show. We spoke about how anyone can help animals and volunteer.
  • At Jabukovac Elementary School in Zagreb we held a lecture with a discussion and the screening of the short film called “Their Future In Your Hands.”
  • Our members Anita Euschen and Maja Oreskovic-Igric participated in the TAIEX event in Zagreb at a workshop on the protection of animals used in science.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) New book Rethink Your Diet by Moein Ghahremani Nejad
    b) New photos from a cooking workshop
    c) Angela Gossow was added to the list of famous vegetarians and vegans
  • We have successfully completed a project: a TV show about animals and their rights called “Bad Neighbors,” which will be shown on Croatian National Television this month.
  • On Dec 12 Morrissey will hold a concert in Zagreb. We will also be there with our info stall in order to support his concert and his animal rights advocacy.
  • If you happen to be in Zagreb, feel free to visit us at our evening info stalls near the Main Railway Station and our daytime stalls on Varsavska ulica. For a donation, you can get our merchandise there and sign actual petitions. All our activities are announced in our Calendar of Activities.
  • We would like to print new copies of the “Life of a Cow,” comic for younger children, and so if you want to help us with this task, we would be very grateful for donations. We have already printed new copies of the comic, “Life of a Chicken.“


Thank you for continuing to follow and support us by being a member, and thus taking advantage of the numerous member discounts, by donating any amount you can according to your circumstances, and by volunteering. Your donations are very much appreciated and will help us cover our costs for this year, thus enabling us to continue with our work.

Warm greetings from your Animal Friends