AnimaList No. 117 Slaughtered

Svjetski dan zivotinja s farmi1
On World Day for Farmed Animals we spotlighted the horrible figure of 60,000,000,000 slaughtered animals for human consumption. The performance, during which 12 activists with 12 visuals made a display of over 12 meters length, showed which animals hide behind this number of 60 billion. The act was realized in collaboration and with the support of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). To see a short video please click here.

News Flash

  • On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day we sent a letter to the Croatian Prime Minister Milanovic regarding his statement to the media that “all human problems are the result of eating animals” and held an info stall on Zagreb’s main square.
  • As a Fur Free Alliance member organization, we announced the good news that the European fur industry loses the Chinese market. The Chinese buy less and less fur, which caused the collapse of mink fur prices on Scandinavian auctions.
  • We sent a letter to the mayor of Lipik, Mr. Vinko Kasana, regarding the exploitation of sheep by Marko Barcan for the promotion of the Days of Lipik event.
  • On World Animal Day we joined the marking of this day at Zagreb’s lake Bundek under the organization of the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry. On this occasion, our ambassadors Anita Euschen and the musician IFEEL invited everybody to change their diet and other habits, thus contribute to a less violent world towards animals.
  • We sent a thank you note to the mayor of Split, his associates and the members of the city council for the decision about closing the Split zoo Marjan, pointing out that it is utterly unaccaptable to build a new zoo at another location.
  • We demanded explanation from the City of Karlovac for continuous neglect and abuse of animals in the “shelter” in Utinja by the firm CRPK which is financed by city authorities.
  • Our representative participated at the conference and exhibition “Putting animal welfare at the heart of the EU” in the European Parliament in Brussels, organized by Eurogroup for Animals, which AFC is a member of.
  • We commented to the media the case of smuggling tiger skin for stuffing in Bjelovar and pointed out the importance of sanctioning individuals who are in the business of killing protected animal species. We also called for the boycott of wearing leather.
  • We present you the new online edition of our AnimaList newsletter and thank our volunteer Hrvoje Loncar for helping us in its realization.
  • We applaud to the RTL project “Paws of Happiness” which will soon start in the afternoon hours. This TV show will consist of short reports about stories of 10 abandoned animals and their homing, with the purpose of promotion of adopting animals instead of buying them.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) City-Wide Appeal: Prevent the Abandonment of Animals Throughout the Year!
    b) Suplement and SAN-10 on the White List of companies which do not test on animals
    c) Sana delikatese got the V-label
    d) New photos of rescued chickens Sasha and Vanja
  • We published a new CAPS video “No Place Like Home” on our YouTube channel.
  • All elementary school students in Zagreb are invited to sign up for our fun and interesting cooking workshops!


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