AnimaList newsletter special 2020

“The problem is that humans have victimized animals to such a degree that they are not even considered victims. They are not even considered at all. They are nothing; they don’t count; they don’t matter. They are commodities like TV sets and cell phones. We have actually turned animals into inanimate objects – sandwiches and shoes.” – Gary Yourofsky, activist

Overview of activities in 2020

In a special issue of AnimaList, we present an annual overview of our activities and achievements in 2020.

Fight to ban firecrackers

This year we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the campaign to ban firecrackers. We organized a protest in front of the Ministry of the Interior, handed them 60,000 signatures against firecrackers, received numerous supports from other ministries and organizations and experts, participated in public consultations and invited others to join us. We also organized a conference where experts talked about the harmfulness of firecrackers. All these activities and countless letters to the media and politicians paid off because at the end of this year we achieved a complete ban on firecrackers and F2 and F3 categories!

Veggie challenge

At the beginning of the year, Pig Spasa invited everyone to the Vegan Challenge as part of the Veganuary, which was a great success. Apart from her, the newly designed Veggie challenge was invited by a cute chicken, lamb, cow and pig, who said from billboards placed all over Croatia: “I don’t bark, but I want to live” and invited all people to try the Veggie challenge and show how much they love animals .

Great Veggie Fair

We organized the ninth Veggie Fair, which offered visitors a healthy and tempting offer of vegan products. Stella’s sausage was also presented at the Veggie Fair, in the creation of which we also participated. It was a real hit and sold out in record time. 1 kuna from each sausage sold is donated to our association.

Let’s respect our sea!

As part of the campaign “Let’s respect our sea“, a series of activities were held to educate citizens about respect for our sea and life in it. The cute fish Jadran told people in 3 animated films to “catch compassion“. We explained how the survival of the fish is in our hands and appealed to the shops to stop the practice of selling live fish and crabs. Some of the problems we highlighted are the harrowing scenes of fishing and sea animals dying in the sun on our beaches as well as the trawlers which are one of the main enemies of the sea. Contrary to outdated and unfounded opinion, fish feel pain just as much as humans.

In spite of COVID – 19

We urged people not to leave the animals because of the coronavirus, but to adopt a dog and a cat from the overcrowded shelters. We reminded that animals also suffer in isolation, all their lives and that we can help them by switching to veganism. We pointed out the connection between obesity and COVID-19 and how a vegan diet can reduce the risk of developing a more severe form of the disease. We also prepared a quiz about veganism to make isolation time a little easier.

Find love at first sight in a shelter

Our longest-running campaign “Family to the sea, and a dog on the street ?!” celebrated her coming of age by publishing billboards. Ingrid Divković and Luka Budak with the slogan “Find love in the shelter first!” they called for the adoption of abandoned animals instead of purchasing. They visited the Shelter for neglected animals of the City of Zagreb in Dumovec and invited everyone to adopt animals and to support the four-legged animals that are still waiting for their forever home.

For the freedom of the bears

Since we managed, with the support of the profession, to ban the keeping of bears in private captivity, we continued to encourage the implementation of this legal provision. Two bears with the help of Four Paws are in the shelter. We asked the veterinary inspection to end the illegal keeping of the remaining bears, but they did not do so, and instead, the violators were legalized, to which we responded and again pointed out that the Veterinary Inspection does not like animals.

Vegan flags fluttered in Zagreb

This year, we celebrated World Vegan Day by raising 22 vegan flags on the official masts of the city of Zagreb, and two more Zagreb attractions shone in green-blue-white colors – Meštrović’s pavilion and fountains in front of the National and University Library. At Ban Jelačić Square, we shared free vegan cookbooks and organized an online educational and culinary lecture led by Igor Barberić.

To implement the Animal Welfare Act

In order to encourage cities and municipalities to fulfill their legal obligations, in addition to a large number of various activities through the Animal Welfare Network project, we designed and printed an educational brochure on the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act. It was sent to the addresses of all local and regional self-government units, and an online version is available to all interested parties. In the 35-page brochure, we have clearly and concisely listed all the ways in which cities and municipalities can prevent the emergence of abandoned animals. We also informed all LGUs about the importance of the Unified Information Center.

VegeEdu by ZeGeVege

Due to the impossibility of fulfilling anti-epidemic measures, we regretfully had to cancel this year’s ZeGeVege festival and organized the event VegeEDU by ZeGeVege where we prepared a series of interesting and educational lectures and workshops and surprised the public with an attractive installation that included large educational panels and a three-dimensional inscription. . You can watch online lectures and cooking workshops on our YouTube page.

Climate change, biodiversity and veganism

We warned about the connection between Australian fires and animal husbandry for food. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we organized an online presentation on the devastating consequences of animal husbandry for food on the health of the planet and humans, led by Nikolina Plenar Jeličić. We also marked World Environment Day, the theme of which was biodiversity. We are reminded that the new UN environmental report shows that about a million species are in danger of extinction, putting most of the blame on intensive industrial animal husbandry.

Performance: Be their voice!

On World Farm Animal Day and on International Animal Protection Day, we pointed out the injustice, suffering and death of billions of animals that people torture, exploit and kill. In an impressive performance, tied with chains and with ribbons over their mouths, we portrayed the helplessness and difficult situation in which animals find themselves daily in the meat, dairy, egg, fur, entertainment, cosmetics, tourism, sports and pet industries.

Dogs and cats don’t know how to add, but that’s why they know how to multiply!

We have introduced a new campaign “Dogs and cats do not know how to add, but they know how to multiply!” This initiative was supported by well-known cat adopters – Luka Budak, Ivana Kindl and Dora Lipovčan, who are well aware that love for animals includes responsibility. After, they were joined by Slavko Sobin, Neda Parmać Klačar and Ana Gruica Uglešić, whose hearts were forever won by their adopted and neutered dogs.

In addition to the above activities, let us recall a few other events, achievements and initiatives that were important to us, around which we have engaged, and some of them are still relevant:

  • We have sent numerous letters to local self-government units regarding the implementation of the Animal Protection Act
  • We have sent numerous reports to the veterinary inspection regarding the operation of shelters such as Šibenik-based As-Eko d.o.o. shelter in Pula, and Tip-Tip in Vinkovci.
  • We called for a ban on disposable plastic and the collection of the thinnest plastic bags, and participated in public participation for their ban.
  • We reminded the public what cities and municipalities have (not) done regarding the implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • We reacted to the statement of the mayor of Varaždin that they plan to build a zoo.
  • Maja Sertić, who saved 15 dogs from the Pula “sinter” in December last year, became the ambassador of the Regica Foundation.
  • We called for compassion alongside traditional plant-based Easter meals.
  • On the occasion of World Meatless Day, we said that future pandemics can be prevented by switching to a vegan lifestyle.
  • Together with the Animal Welfare Network, we warned of the horrific fates of dogs whose suffering could have been prevented by conducting microchipping controls.
  • On the occasion of World Day for the Abolition of Animal Experiments on April 24, we emphasized that the invention of a cure for COVID-19 and other diseases will not be achieved by experimenting on animals but by ethical and modern models.
  • On the occasion of the International Day for the Prohibition of the Transport of Live Animals, we pointed out the daily cruelty and death of animals in transport.
  • We drew attention to the lack of vegan meals in public institutions and organized a lecture on sports and quality vegan nutrition.
  • We have suggested interesting books and movies that you can watch and read to learn more about veganism.
  • Calling for the non-purchase of animals, we supported the decision of the Netherlands in which pedigrees for the so-called brachycephalic breeds of dogs, and these are those with shortened muzzles.
  • World Environment Day also marked the celebration of Veggie Burgers, the production of which requires significantly fewer resources, and no animal has to suffer.
  • On the occasion of World Rabies Day, we warned that a large number of dogs have never been vaccinated against rabies, although this is mandatory.
  • We were reminded that castration prevents the suffering and death of dogs and cats and that free-living neutered cats are not sick and do not die on the street.
  • We invited everyone to mark the World Plant-based Milk Day and organized a tasting of various types of vegetable milk and vegan cakes with a fun game and delicious prizes.
  • We also marked World Specism Abolition Day.
  • We warned that Croatia does not have a positive list of exotic animals at the state level, as well as clear legal regulations on the conditions and prohibition of keeping exotic animals.
  • We filed a criminal complaint related to the zoo in Osijek and warned of the suffering of animals in all zoos and the shameful practice of confining and exploiting animals.
  • We reacted sharply to the killing of 17 million Canadian minks in Denmark for the appearance of a mutated form of the coronavirus and called for a ban on breeding animals for fur.
  • We gave suggestions on how to improve the work of the shelter in Dumovec.
  • We warned of the continuing severe neglect and abandonment of hunting dogs.
  • We called on everyone to choose prudent adoption instead of spending money on buying animals because that is the only way all shelters in Croatia can become empty.
  • We have released Isolation Cookbook and The Most Googled Dishes in Vegan Attire.
  • We were not stopped by the earthquake that damaged our office, the pandemic or other disasters because thanks to the support of our companions, members, volunteers, donors and everyone else we knew that we must not stop fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

    Thank you all for your support, monitoring and participation in our activities. Be with us this year as well, support us with membership, donation or however you want and can, so that together we can achieve many new successes.

    Your Animal Friends Croatia