AnimaList No. 143

Public hearing on the fur farming ban

Less than a month before the end of the ten-year fur farming phase-out period, the Ministry of Agriculture opened a new public hearing on a proposal to extend the phase-out period. You can read our arguments against the extension here. The hearing was open until December 20. We thank everyone who commented with the demand that the existing fur farming ban becomes effective with no phase-out period extension. Your participation in the hearing has been of utmost importance for the lives of many animals!


In a new home by Christmas!

The Zagreb City Animal Shelter in Dumovec and the City of Zagreb collaborated with Animal Friends on organizing the final Adopting is Cool event of the year, fittingly named “In a new home by Christmas”. Please use this Christmas season as an opportunity to visit one of the shelters and speak out for adopting instead of buying animals.


No-Salmonella Cookbook

We decided to fight salmonella with delicious vegan recipes. Although the UN advises us to eat less meat to combat climate change which is getting out of control and the WHO put meat products in the same category as carcinogenic substances like plutonium, tobacco, and alcohol, the current Salmonella affair has had the greatest impact on our personal choices and the recent decline in meat and egg consumption in Croatia. The No-Salmonella Cookbook came at the right moment! Pass it on and save the lives of humans and non-human animals!


A shelter instead of camels

We submitted a report to the Veterinary Inspection and Ministry of Agriculture and requested an investigation into the acquisition of camels meant to be used in shows. Our reaction was prompted by the City of Đurđevac splurging a quarter million kunas on animal exploitation to promote the city in spite of not having complied with all legal requirements of the Animal Protection Act. Camels aren’t a means of promotion and animals shouldn’t be exploited for human entertainment and attracting people to cities, restaurants, or clubs.

Waste Management at a public hearing

Animal Friends backed the introduction of the mandatory plastic bag charge at the public hearing on the new Waste Management Plan. Plastic bags are a huge pollutant, endanger animal lives, and cause economic damage. They are rarely re-used or recycled and due to their lavish distribution by retailers, consumers forget the real cost of plastic bags for the environment. We support the ban on free plastic bags and advocate the urgent development of a waste sorting system in Croatia.


Replies on microchipping for dogs

We have started receiving replies from municipalities, cities, and counties, to which we responded by writing up a detailed explanation about the enforcement of microchipping for dogs. Microchipping is the responsibility of municipal services monitoring officers, not veterinarians or shelters. Some cities pleasantly surprised us by claiming that they regularly visit households to check whether the dogs in their area are chipped.


Earthlings Experience

To mark the International Animal Rights Day, we urged everyone not to turn a blind eye to animal cruelty and to watch the film Earthlings. On Saturday, December 10, we took to Jelačić Square in Zagreb with an Earthlings Experience. All participants in the event wore black clothes and white masks and asked passers-by to go vegan with signs and by screening the film. View photos from the event and encourage your friends to watch Earthlings.


Animal police in Zagreb

We held a few meetings on the formation of animal police in Zagreb and expressed our support for this necessary and crucial department which is due to start next year. We believe in its serious and professional approach which will serve as an example to other cities.


For the ban of firecrackers

We sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior with a petition to ban category F2 and F3 fireworks. We hold that the authorities need to take concrete legal steps to protect humans and non-human animals by banning fireworks all year round.


News flash

  • We took part in a conference on Applied Nutrition in Industry and Tourism, organized by the Healthy Meal Croatia association. Besides many other topics, the Healthy Meal Standard which includes a model vegan diet was presented.
  • We had a meeting with Karlovac City Mayor Davor Jelic and the representatives of animal protection associations from Karlovac about a shelter for abandoned animals, with the purpose of establishing a no-kill policy and building a city shelter.
  • Apropos of the tax reform, we asked the Ministry of Finance to apply the 5% reduced rate of VAT to plant milks as they are a healthier, environmentally-friendly, and ethical choice and their increased consumption could help the environment, human health, and animals. and cities and posted a clarification regarding the monitoring.

  • In closing, a shout out to everyone who came to the informal gathering in our office on Thursday, December 15, at 5 p.m. We kicked back, got to know each other, and made plans for the next year. Thank you for joining the work of Animal Friends!

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    Your Animal Friends