AnimaList No. 107

‘In 100 or 200 years time we may look back on the way we treated animals today as something like we today look back on the way our forefathers treated slaves.’ – Richard Dawkins

World Vegan Day

On World Vegan Day we shared a cake shaped as a large letter V. A famous Danube Waves was made by cooks from Vegehop Club, while some of the plant-based products were donated bio&bio, Encian and Omegol. By trying to guess all ingredients, citizens participated in a prize contest. On this occasion we published the video “From Farm to Fridge” with Croatian subtitles.

Let’s Beat Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet

For World Diabetes Day we informed the public about the efficiency of a plant-based diet in preventing and treating diabetes and we sent a poster containing the food pyramid “With plant-based diet to health” to every hospital.

In a New Home By Christmas!

Joining the action “Adopting is Cool” we invited all citizens to visit some of the animal shelters by Christmas, that is to meet one of the many abandoned animals who wait for their homes. We also appealed not to buy animals but rather home them, if there are conditions for giving an animal a home.

Spaying and Neutering as Prevention to Animal Suffering!

We performed an action on the necessity of helping animals through spaying and neutering and presented the work of the veterinary association Didona as well as our free and cheaper castrations program, which we conduct in collaboration with the Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry and the Shelter for Abandoned animals Dumovec.

Home Slaughter – Murder at Home

On the occasion of the publication of the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture on proper ensanguine of yards, we pointed out the lack of minimal legislative protection and control of home slaughter, condemning the practice of slaughtering in the yards and appealing for compassion and a diet change.

News Flash

  • We sent a reaction to the Embassy of India in Zagreb, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Inida, asking them to stop the transport of animals to laboratories for experiments.
  • We demanded the investigation of the shameless cruelty collection of prepared animals of the ex-chief of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Nadan Vidosevic, which was discovered in the bunker of his villa in Zagreb. We also condemned hunting as a bloody sport and tourism of death.
  • We visited the elementary school Jabukovac in Zagreb, whose students reacted very positive on watching the short film “Share the World”.
  • We reacted in response to the still unsolved issue of the Split ZOO – so called Nightmare Zoo – once more asking for its closure, and condemned capturing and exhibiting animals for entertainment in prizoons.
  • We participated in the tribune “Protection of Animal Rights” at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.
  • Our Code of Ethics states that Animal Friends Croatia is against discrimination in any form.
  • On our YouTube you can now watch a beautiful video “The Dream” by the Peta2 team.
  • Our 2014 calendar and other products from our web catalog are perfect gifts for your business partners, friends and yourself for the days of giving.

Sincere thanks for your loyalty and kind support and membership. We hope we justify your trust and that you will continue to regularly follow our activities.

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