AnimaList No. 97

‘Fear is fear. Blood is blood. Suffering is suffering.’ –

Hunt in the City Center

We joined the Croatian association Voice of Animals on Dec 3 and held an anti-hunt demo in Zagreb during which activists stood backwards to each in a ring thus forming a circular gallery of powerful and moving images, reminding that hunt is not sport and that it should be banned.

‘My Name Is Rea’

On Dec 7 we promoted the video “My Name Is Rea” (Ja sam Rea) by IFEEL in Zagreb while the Association Victories, where the video was shot, promoted it in Osijek. The spot can be viewed at The shelter of the Association Victories is still blocked.

From Twilight to the Break of Dawn

We presented a new PETA ad from which the vegetarian and actress Christian Serratos of the Twilight saga calls for respecting life. Together with this ad we published a Croatian translation of the behind-the-scenes video from Christian’s shoot in which she says that our bodies do not need to be graveyards.

Solidarity 269

We held a “Solidarity 269” action in Zagreb and Rijeka. Tortuga Tattoo Studio tattooed 27 activists in Zagreb from Croatia and Slovenia as part of the international tattooing act of the number 269. More about this event at 269life, while our photo gallery can be viewed here and on Facebook. We thank everyone who joined this event.

Let’s Give Anima as Gift!

In collaboration with Sapunoteka we got our first brand soap Anima! The fragrant soap Anima made from olive oil, patchouli and lemongrass is purely vegan and has not been tested on animals, therefore it is an ideal gift for all the friends of animals! Sapunoteka gives one kuna from each sold soap as a donation to our group. Thanks Sapunoteka and all of you who bought this soap either for yourself or as a gift for someone.

New Year’s Resolution for Life

By presenting the inspiring speech by Philip Wollen “What Should We Change?” we invited everyone to make a new year’s resolution to change their diet and therefore their attitude towards animals. Listen to this remarkable speech and share it with others.

News Flash

Thank you, dear friends, for following us and supporting our work. We invite all of you who are just starting to learn about our work to check out ways in which you can help us in the left-hand section of this newsletter.

Also thank you all for your faithful and selfless support. Best wishes to you for a happy, successful and compassionate new year.

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Animal Friends Croatia