AnimaList No. 66

‘As a necessary component of the living world, we must extend compassion to one another and to every living thing.’ – Dennis Kucinich, American politician and a representative of Ohio’s 10th congressional district

Animal Friends Adore Bears

On October 30 at the hockey game in Zagreb where KHL Medvescak played against Austrian Klagenfurt fifteen activists and supporters of Animal Friends unfolded a big banner saying ‘ANIMAL FRIENDS ADORE BEARS.’ With this, as well as on the Medvescak games versus Red Bull Salzburg (November 17) and Vienna Capitals (November 20), we gave support to the currently most popular sports club in Zagreb and warned about torture, abuse and killing of animals only for ‘fashion’ purposes! The reaction of the Bears is soon to be expected!

Croatia Becomes One Big Circus

After we held about 50 protests against its visit to Croatia during Circus Safari’s stay in Zagreb whichwas allowed only thanks to the administrative errors and disregarding of the legislation by authorities in charge, protests against Safari we also held in Samobor. However, its departure from Samobor and arrival to Karlovac turned out to be an even bigger scandal since the city of Karlovac had banned circuses with all animals! Revolted by such decision, we sent a note of protest to the mayor of Karlovac. Unlike Karlovac, we would like to point out the example of Ludbreg, another town that now has banned circuses with all animals. A ban of circuses with all animals on the national level is the only way to avoid such situations in the future.

Dubrovnik a Town without Dogs Euthanasia

First we strongly reacted on the announcement of Dubrovnik to euthanize abandoned dogs from the shelter of the Society for the Animal Protection Dubrovnik, and then publicly commended its second decision, although under the public pressure, to ban the killing of the healthy dogs even after the ending of the legal period of 60 days. Inviting other cities to follow this bright example, we also invited the Croatian public to sign the petition for the legal ban on euthanasia of dogs in shelters and the petition for the urgent reform of the veterinary inspection.

Croatian Design Against Fur

In collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance we announced the new round of the International region student competition Design Against Fur. Of 7,000 students from around the world, about 30 students from Croatia sent their artworks to the judges. From November 19-26, we exhibited all artworks of Croatian students who took part in the International region competition Design Against Fur 2009 in the Student Center in Zagreb. This exhibition also is the announcement of the design student’s competition in 2010. Students can submit their artworks by April 9, 2010.

Protest Against Animal Transport

In collaboration with Voice of Animals in Zagreb on November 21 we held a protest against animal transport with a performance in which a ‘transportation truck’ full of activists drove the animal-acvitists from the ‘farm’ where they were raised to the ‘slaughterhouse’ to be killed. This protest and performance were organized in order to show the public the everyday suffering of animals during transport and the connection between the our plates and the cruelty to animals on the roads, this in support to the international ‘Handle with Care’ campaign, initiated by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). The photo gallery from the protest can be viewed here.


– We reported the abuse of the Belgian shepherd Arisa from Bosnjaci, to the veterinary inspection in the Croatian town of Zupanja. Arisa was beaten several times with the billhook on her back by Mato Zivkovic, whereby he broke her spine thus causing her death.

– On November 19 we attended the Vegan Supper of the Slovenian group For the Animals! in Maribor where Vedran Romac held a lecture about the milk industry.

– The 6th meeting of the Network Against Abandoning of Animals took place in Zagreb on November 21. Many animal protection groups and invididuals from various parts of Croatia attended the meeting.

– The New Circus Festival which is against the exploitation of animals for fun will take place in Zagreb on November 26-30. More information about this circus can be found at

– Once more we would like to remind you that on November 28 at 6 P.M. in our office we organize the workshop AktiVeg for activists and those who want to become active.

– On Saturday December 12 we are organizing a socializing in the Internet club SublinK in Zagreb, Teslina 12, where vegan snacks can be tasted at affordable prices.

– We also announce the lecture by Martin Balluch, which will take place in KIC, Zagreb on December 16 at 7 P.M. Dr. Martin Balluch is an Austrian physicist, philosopher, and prominent animal rights activist. He received his second doctorate in philosophy from the University of Vienna, writing his thesis on animal ethics, and he is the president of the Association against Animal Factories VGT – Verein gegen Tierfabriken.

– As usual there are lots of updates on our web page among them also is Jah Sun in the section Video Clips.

– Next week starts the bloody tradition in Nepal during which in only two days hundreds of thousands of animals will be executed. Watching the slaughter is being charged. You can sign the petition for the ending of this bloodshed here.

– Milo Ventimiglia and Kellie Pickler are PETA’s sexiest vegetarian celebrities of 2009. You can find them and many other famous vegetarians in our on-line section of our website.

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